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An authentic masterpiece. Certified


Buying an antique wood floor means surrounding oneself with the fascination of a material that gains beauty from time. Choosing Antico È means coming in contact with really antique, original and unique products. The certificate of authenticity accompanying ancient floors is meant as an act of responsibility by Antico È: it is a real promise of quality, elegance and exclusivity.

Since 2006 Antico È srl has reorganised itself in compliance with UNI ISO EN 9001:2000 norms. It has also certified with CERMET for 'Planning and production of floors and walls, covering, ceilings and stairs in ancient and new wood and wood combined with stones.' The quality system certification put our customers the centre of our company activities. This organizational choice we voluntarily enterprised, reflects our intent to supply our clients with a further evidence of our control on organization and production processes oriented to the creation of a product that corresponds to our customers' expectations. Every year Antico È is evaluated by qualified experts from CERMET. They put themselves in the position of customers, and verify the control of all our activities and all our company resources (as for example: personnel, machinery, control equipments, suppliers) involved in the realization of a quality product.

Excellence can be easily distiguished, but when emphasized in an elegant and original way, gains a unique fascination. Antico È wanted to mark its most important products with an authentic signature, proving its truthfulness, carving it in the purest STRASS® Swarovski® Crystal. Mounted like a jewel in one of the planks we supply, Antico È crystal signature is a real griffe, symbol of a quality that makes the difference.

ANTICO E' has obtained a certificate from the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers because it has proven that it manufactures products with its own trademark, manages its own design department and has its own distribution network. ANTICO E' products are manufactured entirely in Italy. Product identification and traceability are available during all phases of production, as are raw material and traded product credentials and certificates. Raw materials and components are top quality and exclusively Italian. Designs belong exclusively to the company, having been adopted from traditional and typically Italian manufacturing techniques. All products comply with occupational health and safety standards, and utmost respect for the environment is placed in the production process.

ANTICO E' products are ideal for bio-building in harmony with the principles of eco-sustainability: its main raw material -antique wood- is recovered material consistent with environmental protection, since it involves the recycling of noble material without environmental impact. All new material is FSC certified, meaning that it has been obtained as a result of controlled deforestation. Support paneling is PEFC certified, meaning that the glues used are free from formaldehyde and pentachlorphenol, and so they do not contain any unstable organic components that may be hazardous to consumer health. Product finish is achieved with waxes-oils obtained from products extracted from nature, such as linseed oil, hempseed oil, sunflower oil, propolis, bees wax and carnauba wax, which give floors and paneling a soft and luminous quality.
From 09/09/2016 ANTICO E' has obtained FSC certification nr. license FSC-C132022